The Many Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

| November 10, 2023

“Adopt a Senior Month” is celebrated in November, when the wise and experienced take the spotlight. Senior pets are often overlooked for many reasons, but they offer the same amount of companionship and love as any other pet. 

Senior animals often have a harder time adjusting to shelter life or foster homes – and they also tend to have a longer waiting period before getting adopted. There is a dire need to find more senior pets the loving homes they deserve. So, if you’re looking to adopt a pet, here are 4 reasons why you may want to consider adopting a senior companion   

4 Reasons Why Senior Pets Make Great Companions

  1. A Calm and Gentle Behaviour: Senior pets are past the rambunctious stage of growing up. They’re more likely to have a calm and composed behaviour, making them ideal for households with children, seniors, or anyone seeking a relaxed furry friend. 
  2. Established Personalities: When you adopt a senior pet, their personalities are already fully developed. You know exactly what you’re getting, which makes it easier to match your pet’s temperament with your lifestyle and preferences.  
  3. Reduced Exercise Needs: While they still enjoy playtime and walks, senior pets generally have reduced exercise needs compared to younger animals. This is especially beneficial for people with busier schedules or those who may have physical limitations. 
  4. Unconditional Love: Senior pets, like all animals, have an incredible capacity for love. They often bond strongly with their new family and because of that, they offer a special kind of companionship. 

Our Senior Pets Looking for a Forever Home 

Here are a few senior pets that are ready and waiting for loving homes. 

Katie is an adorable senior lady with a beautiful coat colour! She has some extra weight that just means more of her to love while you work with her to lose it. The way this lady’s heart is through chin scratches and pets. 

At almost 7-years-old, little Juniper is reaching her senior years. Juniper loves to see people and is always jumping at the chance to go for a walk. She may need a little help learning how to walk on leash, but with a tasty treat or two you’ll get her full attention!  

Sterling and Opally are a bonded pair of bunnies and are looking for their forever home together. These two are almost 6 years old which puts them in the senior age group, but they’ll be your friend for life! Some of their favourite activities include curling up, getting comfy, and watching the latest carrot documentary together. 

If you are considering adopting a pet, take a look at of our senior animals still waiting for their forever home. Providing a loving home to these older pets is priceless. As they warm up to their new environment, you can seek comfort knowing that you’ve given them the ultimate gift – a place they can call home.