Toronto Humane Society Launches New Academic Strategy

| July 10, 2024

TORONTO, ON. – July 10, 2024 – Toronto Humane Society is excited to announce the launch of its new Academic Strategy. This strategic initiative aims to advance animal welfare education and broaden the sectoral understanding on the importance of access in pet care available to pet guardians throughout Toronto and the GTA. Leading this groundbreaking strategy is Kirsti Clarida, RVT an accomplished professional with extensive experience in both animal welfare and academic program development. 

The new strategy is designed to create partnerships with educational institutions, integrating accessible care models, veterinary social work, the human-animal bond, and humane sentiment into academic curriculums within the animal welfare industry. The goal is to shape the future of animal welfare education, ensuring comprehensive and inclusive care across the sector. 

Kirsti Clarida, RVT
Kirsti Clarida, RVT, Director of Academic Strategy

“Kirsti’s extensive experience in academic and practical animal health and her passion for animal welfare make her the ideal leader for this strategy,” said Phil Nichols, Chief Executive Officer at Toronto Humane Society. “Kirsti’s expertise will be instrumental in developing and expanding our educational partnerships and work-integrated learning, ultimately benefiting pets and their families in Toronto.” 

Kirsti Clarida, RVT comes to Toronto Humane Society from Seneca Polytechnic, where she served as Program Coordinator and Professor. Her role involved synthesizing complex concepts into clear, accessible learning materials, designing interactive lesson plans, and securing program accreditation from key regulatory bodies.  Her previous experiences as President of both the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians and the Ontario Veterinary Technician Educators Association are key to her relationships in education that will help drive this innovative strategy. Kirsti’s experience ensures that she is well-equipped to maintain the highest standards of care and program efficiency within the new academic programs at Toronto Humane Society. 

As part of this initiative, Toronto Humane Society will focus on three key areas: 

  • Developing strategic educational partnerships to support Work-Integrated Learning programs. 
  • Integrating accessible care models and veterinary social work into animal welfare curriculums. 
  • Enhancing professional development opportunities for animal welfare professionals. 

About Toronto Humane Society 

Toronto Humane Society’s mission is to Improve the Lives of Animals. The organization excels in all ways an animal shelter should, with industry- leading shelter care, veterinary services, animal training and behaviour consultations. Toronto Humane Society believes in the importance of the human-animal bond, finds new homes for thousands of animals, and helps keep families together.

Toronto Humane Society is more than an animal shelter. They are an educational resource and support system, a leading voice in animal welfare and accessible care. The organization is also a centre of excellence, a space where best practices and boundary-pushing knowledge meet with unyielding optimism and a love for animals to create something special. Toronto Humane Society is like no other. For more information, visit 

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