Our Training Teams go Above and Beyond to Improve the Lives of Animals

| September 30, 2022

Teaching a high energy puppy how to sit, a scared cat how to feel comfortable around strangers, or re-bonding bunnies is not easy. Professional animal trainers make it look easy because of qualified experience and knowledge.  

Not only do animal trainers process soft skills like problem-solving, listening, monitoring, and interpersonal skills, but because of their commitment to continued growth, many of our trainers hold multiple certifications from renowned organizations such as International Association of the Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), and Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTA).  

These certifications show trainers how to use evidence-based approaches, look at cases holistically and use objective data, and improve their understanding and skills as they strengthen the human-animal bond between pets and pet parents. 

Our Certified Trainers are assisted by our dedicated Training Assistants. Together they create and execute training plans. Additionally, our new Group Class Instructors have a part too, as they lead group classes using a curriculum established by Certified Trainers. These certified trainers-in-the-making continue to build on their knowledge as they work towards achieving their certification.  

From September 25th to October 1st, we’ll be celebrating our Training Teams with a week full of social media posts, activities, awards, and delicious snacks. 

Helping Hundreds of Pets and Families with Training Support

Compiled of Certified Trainers, Training Assistants, and Group Class Instructors, our training team not only does it “right,” but they also go above and beyond by doing everything they can to improve the animal’s life. They work holistically with the animal and the family to break down and understand the problematic behaviour, and then they make a training plan with small, actionable steps for everyone to take part in.  

Thanks to their structured behaviour modification programs and guided approach, hundreds of pets have been adopted into their forever homes, and hundreds of families have been able to receive the support they need– families like Milla’s. 

Milla was fearful of strangers, displayed resource guarding behaviours, was unwilling to walk on leash except to dog park next to their home, and even bit her pet parent. After enrolling in a one-month training package, her pet parent left this comment about her training experience with Toronto Humane Society.  

“Thank you! We feel very fortunate to have met you. I still can’t believe where we are at within such a short period of time! Milla’s behaviour since implementing your training plan is like night and day.” 

This is just one example of how our Training Team, through industry celebrated practices, continue to Improve the Lives of Animals. Thank you, Training Team! 

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