Trio's Happy Tail

Trio’s Takeover 

| March 25, 2022

Kyla was a first time Foster Parent. She joined Toronto Humane Society’s foster program in hopes of helping moms with puppies and special needs dogs grow big, strong, and confident so that they could find their forever homes.  

But that changed when she met Trio.  

Based on the injuries sustained, Trio was likely hit by a car before arriving in our care. His right hind leg was badly broken, and x-rays showed that many of his abdominal organs were sitting in his chest cavity. He struggled to breathe while his major organs, compressed together, were at risk of failing.  

These injuries were so severe, veterinarians made the difficult but necessary decision to amputate his right hind leg. 

He was placed in the loving care of his foster home to recover, which soon after became his very own forever home.  

“I originally just wanted to give him a cozy, quiet place to recover but quickly I realized I couldn’t live without him,” says Kyla. “Within the first hour of him being home with me, I knew he was never leaving. I was immediately drawn to Trio’s sweet nature. He also has the most expressive eyes; he really spoke to me in a way I can’t explain.” 

From Foster Parent to Forever Family

Trio adjusted to his new forever home quickly. Because of the loss of his back leg, he wasn’t too sure about hardwood floors, so his family laid out area rugs throughout the home to help build his confidence.  

Now that he has completely settled in, Trio enjoys the company of his two fur sisters, going on little adventures, playing in the snow, keeping his brain busy with food puzzles, and trying new foods – he recently discovered his love for blueberries!    

“Trio is the most happy, sweet, loving dog I have ever met. I’ve been told by countless people that he just seems thrilled about life, and he definitely is now that he can live comfortably,” says Kyla. “He’s adjusted so well to life on three legs and keeps up with the fastest dogs at the park. I am forever grateful for the life saving care my boy received and couldn’t imagine life without him.” 

Save More Lives as a Humane Champion

Trio received a second chance thanks to the support from our animal loving community. You too can have a part in helping more animals get their happy ending by becoming a Humane Champion. Not only will you help animals that need medical care, like Trio, but you’ll also help animals long term by supporting services and programs that offer ongoing care to animals and the animal loving community.  

Trio's Happy Tail