| March 7, 2024
Happy Tails

Goodbye Twiggy 🐇🌈💕

Twiggy was the first rabbit (or as my husband says, the “gateway rabbit”) that I adopted in 2015 when I was living out in Cobourg. She was my companion out there and did the weekend drives back to Toronto with me. Twiggy moved with me from Cobourg as my husband and I moved to Toronto together, then to our west end condo, and then to our current Riverdale townhouse. In fact, Twiggy and I have lived together longer than my husband and I have!

She was the quietest of our three buns, the most nervous, and definitely the most likely to survive in the wild.

Twiggy went through three homes before she landed with us, and she was with us for 9 of her 12 years on Earth. She peacefully lived out her senior years in our bunny bedroom oasis.

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