Weaving a Strong Bond: Celebrating the Unwavering Commitment of Our Volunteers 

| April 21, 2023

The 2023 National Volunteer Week theme honours every volunteer’s effort that weaves together a collective experience. Our volunteers play a crucial role in building a brighter future that cultivates a community-led environment. By means of their time and effort, multiple human-animal bonds are developed, and kept together. In honour of National Volunteer Week, we’re expressing our gratitude and appreciation for their efforts, as they continue to weave together a society of kindness and compassion towards humans and animals in many ways, every single day. 

Our Volunteers are Valuable Members

Every department at Toronto Humane Society is supported by volunteers. We have enrichment volunteers that assist with animal care work, marketing volunteers that take photos and write animal biographies, and support volunteers that help run programs such as the Pet Parent Support Network. 

We also have foster parents who open their homes and hearts to help animals in need by providing them with a comfortable, loving home while they wait to get adopted or while they wait to be reunited with their family as part of the Urgent Care program. We are truly humbled by their generosity.   

Simply put, we wouldn’t be able to have our current life-saving capacity if it were not for our dedicated volunteers who selflessly give of their time, knowledge, and skills.  

Join Us in Celebrating our Volunteers and Foster Parents

We invite you to join us in celebrating the dedication of our volunteer and foster parents by joining our conversation online. Every day we are sharing a social media post that highlights different areas that our volunteers assist with as they work with us to Improve the Lives of Animals in our community.  

Thank you, volunteers and foster parents. Your experience of giving your energy and time is truly an inspiration for us all!