Why You Should Send an Animal a Valentine’s Day Goodie Gram

| February 11, 2022

They are the perfect surprise for animals in need

Animals don’t know why their family isn’t here, or where they are.  And while staff, volunteers, and foster parents provide our animals with enough love and care to last a lifetime, nothing can replace the love of a forever family.  

Whether it’s a package of their favourite treats or brand-new toys, the Goodie Gram is a heart-warming surprise. A reminder that someone out there is thinking of them, and that it’s only a matter of time before they are adopted. 

They help us provide animals with industry-leading care

We take in thousands of animals every year. Each one of their needs is met, whether it’s a warm place to stay until they are adopted, or life-saving emergency treatment and long-term rehabilitative care.  

Goodie Grams help us ensure that these animals are given a safe place to rest and receive unconditional love and care from our staff, volunteers, and foster parents.  

They help keep families together

Helping animals also means helping those who care for them. We support pet owners and pet-loving communities through a variety of programs, such as our Pet Parent Support Network, our Urgent Care Program, and our Rescue Transport Program

By supporting animal lovers at home and in their communities, we can help people to care for their animals. We can stop animal vulnerability before it starts. 

They help share a love like no other

The love an animal can give is special. It is a love built on unconditional trust and devotion, care, comfort, and companionship. It makes our lives better.  

Every animal, no matter what they have been through, has this love to give. By sending those in our care a Valentine’s Day Goodie Gram, you’ll be sharing this love with them. And, once adopted, they will then share this love with their new family.  

Be that special someone for an animal in need. Be the hope in their life by sending them a Valentine’s Day Goodie Gram.