Your Legacy Can Change Lives 

| October 14, 2022

For many, pets become a part of our family and we want to ensure they are taken care of, even after we are gone. Here’s how your compassion and devotion to the welfare of animals can continue to make a difference by having a legally-binding will.  

Create a Will with Willfora in 3 Easy Steps

Willfora is a free service that allows you to make unlimited updates to your will. You can have a legally-binding will in less than 20 mins that will help you to protect your loved ones, assign guardians, and support your favourite charities. 

  1. Willfora walks you through a step-by-step process that constantly customizes itself based on your answers, which are used to generate your forms.
  2. Once your forms are done, you can download and carefully review them. Your forms will include instructions based on your input to help you sign and legally validate your documents.
  3. Make your Will official by signing your documents with your witnesses. Store your Will somewhere secure but accessible by your loved ones – and you’re done!

Change Lives with Your Legacy

By creating a will with Willfora, and leaving Toronto Humane Society a planned gift, your legacy can help change the lives of animals by supporting our work of reducing animal homelessness, ensuring access to care, and fighting to preserve the human-animal bond.    

Click here to start building your will for free with Willfora today.