50% off Guinea Pig Adoption Fees

| September 30, 2022

Everyone loves to watch videos of cute little guinea pigs jumping around in their cages or just adorably munching on their greens. These miniature minstrels have everything you’d want in a companion. They are fun, playful, smart, and social – and did we mention adorable?  

If you were thinking about bringing home a smart, cute, loving little Guinea Pig, now is the time because we’re offering 50% off guinea pig adoption fees for the month of October! 

If you’re not sure if a guinea pig is for you, here are some reasons why they make great companion animals.  

They Can’t Wait to Meet You

Guinea pigs are social animals. They love to play with other piggies, and they love to play with people. They make excellent pets for both families and individuals. 

They are So Much Fun

Guinea pigs are adventurous, curious, smart, and social. They love running around and can be taught to go through obstacles. And when they are up for it, be prepared to let them climb all over you! And how could we forget the hilarious sounds these little guys make? Even if you aren’t a fan of being serenaded at the home office, you’ll love the adorable wheeking sound they make when they’re happy or excited.  

They are Environmentalists

Piggies are ecofriendly! You can upcycle cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls for toys. They enjoy snacking on special pellets made for guinea pigs, heaps of grass hay, assortments of leafy greens, veggies, and some fruit on the side. 

Smaller Pet, Smaller Costs

Generally speaking, size makes a difference in costs. Guinea pigs require smaller enclosures and less food than most other animals. And, although Guinea Pigs aren’t as popular as cats and dogs and may need to see a vet who specializes in caring for them, Guinea pigs rarely need to visit a vet as long as they are kept in a top-quality enclosure and fed a healthy diet.   

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