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A Letter From Our CEO: Our City is in Crisis

| October 13, 2023

As the Interim CEO & COO of Toronto Humane Society, I am honoured to serve an institution with a legacy spanning over 135 years. Our commitment to championing animal rights and welfare in Toronto remains unwavering.

Yet, today, I reach out with a heavy heart and a pressing message. A crisis looms over our beloved city, one that many of you might already be painfully aware of.

Our city’s heartbeat, its vibrant pulse, is under threat. Not just from the evident challenges we see but from the silent cries of our pets and the fabric of our community being torn apart due to the lack of access to essential care for our animal companions — our families. The distress signals are clear: Toronto, its residents, and its animals are in dire straits.

This isn’t just about our pets. It’s about the societal challenges mirrored in their plight. The skyrocketing costs in the veterinary sector, the spiraling expenses of basic animal care, and the housing crisis that’s displacing both pets and their guardians are all intertwined. It’s a stark reminder of how animal welfare is inextricably linked to broader societal concerns.

For years, Toronto Humane Society has been a lighthouse for countless pet parents and their furry kin. Our mission has always been clear: to Improve the Lives of Animals. Our aim is to ensure that no one faces the devastating choice between their pet’s well-being and their financial constraints. But today, the magnitude of the demand for support and services is overwhelming, outstripping even our most somber predictions.

In the subsequent sections, we’ll delve deeper into some of the ramifications of this crisis. We’ll spotlight our relentless efforts to tackle its root causes and the strategies we’ve adopted to render crucial care. Our goal isn’t just short-term relief but sustainable solutions that ensure we inch closer every day to a world devoid of suffering, broken bonds, and inaccessibility.

The unwavering dedication of our team, the heartwarming compassion of our volunteers, and the steadfast support of our donors are the pillars of our strength. This collective spirit guides us to adapt, innovate, and rise to the multifaceted challenges that the animals of Toronto and their families face.

To each one of you reading this, my gratitude knows no bounds. Your enduring support is the bedrock upon which our endeavors stand. United, we can tackle the present challenges, extend the much-needed support our community cries out for, and ensure that the bond between families and their pets remains unbroken.

Your commitment fuels our mission. Let’s come together to make a tangible difference in the lives of countless pets and the families that cherish them.

With profound gratitude and unwavering resolve,

Phil Nichols RVT, CAWA
Interim Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operating Officer

This letter was originally published in the Fall Edition of Toronto Humane Society’s quarterly magazine, Animal Talk. You can read the full magazine for free via issuu. Our city is in crisis and it needs your help. Click here to learn how you can keep families whole during uncertain times.