This Transfer Pup was Given a Second Chance to Be Healthy and Happy

| June 17, 2022

One of the ways Toronto Humane Society works towards combatting animal homelessness is by working with other communities and organizations to help as many animals as possible through our Animal Transport program. 

Many of the communities we work with don’t have accessible veterinary services, so we work with local organizations to provide relief by offering outreach community services and by transferring animals to the GTA. In 2021, we transferred over 700 pets into our care – including 1-year-old Boxer, Ace. 

From Shy but Sweet to Outgoing and Friendly – This is Ace’s Story

Ace tested positive for roundworm, was underweight, and had patchy, scaling skin and alopecia at the base of both ears. He also demonstrated some environmental nervousness in the big city and was shy towards other dogs and people.  

Our medical team gave him medicated baths, treatment for roundworm, and put him on a special diet to help him gain weight. After receiving his neuter surgery, he was paired with his forever family  soon after. 

“After hearing a little bit about him and his journey we decided to meet him. He had the most lovable face in the one photo we saw of him. After meeting him we knew he would be a great addition to our pack,” says Ace’s pet parent, Genevieve. 

They were looking for a big dog to play with their feisty, senior dog, Donnie, and they found him. But Ace’s transition into his forever home took a lot of patience, love, and treats. 

“When we brought him to his first meet-and-greet (at his daycare) he was shy and stayed in the corner preferring to get love from the staff than meeting new friends,” Genevieve shares. “With the patience of the very experienced staff, Ace started to come out of his shell and now he will wait by the door excitedly waiting to go see his friends in the morning. And now it’s his favourite place to be!” 

Now with his forever family, Ace enjoys walks on the Beltline Trail, tons of playtime, pets and napping on his pet parent’s laptop.   

Ace is named after Ace the Bat Hound, Batman’s dog,” Genevieve explains. “Even though he does not have superpowers, he is super in so many ways. In a short time, he has become such a vital member of our family.” 

Help More Pets Find Their Forever Homes

From remote communities in northern Ontario to southern regions in the United States, to the Caribbean, and China, we support overburdened communities to help as many animals as we can. If you would like to join us in Improving the Lives of Animals beyond the GTA, support our Animal Transport program by clicking here.