Barrie Chrysler Dealership Supports Pets in Need

| November 18, 2022

After bringing over 700 animals into our care so far this year, our old transport truck racked up a lot of mileage and we desperately needed a new one. Christy Fines and Steve Dunn from the Barrie Chrysler dealership helped us get a good deal on trading in our old wheels for a new transport truck.  

“The Transport Program saves the lives of hundreds of animals each year. This work simply could not be done without a reliable and safe vehicle,” comments Larisa Nagelberg, Division Manager of Community Sheltering & Animal Transport. “We are so grateful to Barrie Chrysler for supporting our efforts in relocating animals on the path to adoption.”  

To the animals being transported into our care, this new truck means getting the care they need, finding their forever homes in the GTA, and getting to live the life they deserve. Thank you, Barrie Chrysler Dealership, for your kind heartedness and generosity.