Celebrating Our Animal Trainers

| June 23, 2023

Few things compare to the joy and fulfillment that comes from building an emotional bond with an animal. As pet parents and devoted animal lovers, we understand the significance of this connection, and our animal trainers are committed to taking it to new heights. Their unwavering dedication ensures that with each training session, the bond between pets and their guardians grows stronger and is evidently more rewarding.   

This week, we’re shining a spotlight on our public and shelter trainers by recognizing the incredible work they do every day to cultivate a safe learning space that helps to build and strengthen human-animal bonds.   

More Than an Animal Trainer

Our trainers are not just instructors; they are champions of the emotional connection that exists between pets and their human counterparts. Through their expertise, they guide pets through a series of exercises, setting the foundation for a well-mannered and engaged companion. Thanks to their dedication and expertise, every animal in our care receives behavioural support to help them grow into a more confident pet before moving into their forever homes.  

But our trainers go beyond teaching. Our trainers also serve as educators and leaders and impart invaluable knowledge to pet parents on effective positive reinforcement techniques that help to create an emotional impact.  

In each public training class, our certified trainers not only focus teaching your pet new skills, but they also focus on fostering a deeper understanding between pet parents and their companion. They emphasize the importance of clear and consistent communication, enabling guardians to effectively convey their expectations and desires to their pet. Trainers help pets and their guardians build trust, mutual respect, and a bond that will last a lifetime.  

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to every single animal trainer that works hard to continually strengthen the human-animal bond and improve the lives of animals.   

We invite you to join us in thanking our dedicated team of certified animal trainers by joining our conversation online. Throughout the week we have highlighted the animal trainers on our team – show them some love by double tapping on their photos of leaving a comment of encouragement.