Change More Lives as a Humane Champion

| October 14, 2022

At the tender age of 4-months old, Jasper was suffering from ringworm. This is a highly contagious fungal infection that affects the skin. Although ringworm is not life-threatening, it can be uncomfortable and may spread to other pets and humans.  

Jasper was transferred into our care and was treated with medication and weekly hydrogen peroxide baths. He also had to stay in quarantine until he tested negative for ringworm – this was the hardest part for Jasper because he loves pets, scratches, and attention. 

Luckily, while our team was helping Jasper recover, his future pet parent was already in the process of bringing him home. “As soon as we saw Jasper’s sweet face on the website, we knew we had to meet him,” Amber shared. “We had to wait a few weeks to meet him because he had been quarantined, but we were able to put him on hold.” 

“The first day I met him, he threw himself into my arms and wrapped his front legs around my neck. I held him for an hour before he was ready to go,” Amber continued. “Now he’s just as cuddly, but also enjoys playing with our other cats and our dog. Jasper has brought so much joy into our household; I will forever be grateful to Toronto Humane Society for bringing him into our lives.”   

Yes, You Really Can Change More Lives 

Jasper’s life changed the moment he met Amber, and likewise, Amber’s life changed when Jasper became a part of her family. 

As a Humane Champion monthly donor, you can have a direct impact of changing lives by supporting our shelter care, training, education, and veterinary services. These services give animals the life they were meant to live and help them find their happily ever afters.   

So far, 1,200 animals have been adopted this year – you can be a part of this life changing movement as a Humane Champion. Your monthly gift will continue to nurture and sustain the human-animal bond for everyone we serve.