Feline Food Enrichment

How to Make Your Cat’s Meals More Exciting

| August 28, 2021

Feline feeding enrichment

If you’re a cat owner, you may have noticed cats like to “hunt”. From fresh toilet paper to that string dangling from your sweater, they can’t help but hunt, chase, grab, bat, or pounce on their prey!

Some cats “hunt” more than others. But all have that instinctive drive. Their living relatives are out there right now, hunting for food and other resources. From the moment these wild animals wake, their minds are busy in the pursuit of food. Unlike their domesticated cousins, they don’t exactly have the luxury of conveniently placed food bowls!

While your cat loves you for making mealtimes so easy, all that energy and instinct normally used for food now needs an outlet. Playtime is an obvious method. But did you know you can provide your cat with fun and enrichment during mealtime, too? Here’s how.

Puzzle feeders

These are a great way to provide your cat with the enrichment they need. They increase the time required to eat, help break food intake into smaller meals, and are both mentally and physically demanding. We recommend the Catit Senses Digger 2.0.

Ice cube trays and frozen treats

For wet food, ice cube trays can be a quick and easy way to increase the length of a meal and the mental/physical effort required for the cat to access the food. You can also freeze canned food inside empty plastic bottle caps or halves of plastic Easter eggs to make it a moving, lick-able challenge.

Scavenger hunts and scent trails

Scatter and hide their food in bedding, wads of paper, or empty toilet paper rolls to mimic the hunt! To make it even more fun, why lead your cat to a hidden meal with a tuna juice scent trail? This will have them totally engaged, not to mention it is great exercise!

Strengthen the bond you have with your cat

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