| May 23, 2022
Happy Tails

Hello, my wife and I wanted to share an update on our cat, Gator (formerly LadyBug), who we adopted from Toronto Humane Society in October 2021.

We brought Gator home last Fall. He was a big, shy, six-year-old black cat who seemed like he’d be a good fit for us, as my wife and I were looking for a chill, older companion to bring some joy to our home. We were both very excited because we haven’t had a pet in several years, and were looking forward to adding a new personality to our family after a long 18 months at home during the pandemic.

The team at Toronto Humane Society were extremely helpful and made sure we were matched with a cat that would fit our lifestyle. We were told that Gator would need some TLC, as he was very anxious and shy. We were ready for him to be under the bed for weeks, if not months, before we might get to spend quality time with him and build a relationship. He spent all of the first day under our bed, but sure enough, the first night he was up in bed with us sniffing around. Within a week he was on our laps purring deeply and enjoying pets.

His personality grew and changed every week (if not every day) as he got comfortable and started to really settle in. It turns out he’s just a goofy dude who likes to hang out and take it easy pretty much all the time. He loves to sit in the windows during the day and watch the birds, squirrels, and raccoons go about their business.  He spends most nights cuddled up to us napping and getting pets or belly rubs.

It’s been a short time, but he’s our best friend and we already can’t imagine our lives without Gator in it. He’s a big baby who just wants love and is exactly what we both needed in our home.

He’s literally perfect and we love the guy to death. I imagine we’ll be back at Toronto Humane Society soon enough to find Gator a friend to roam the apartment with.

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