| May 8, 2023
Happy Tails

I adopted Holly in December (hence the name Holly because she’s a Christmas kitten) and she’s great!

It took a couple of days for her to come out of my closet and there was a lot of meowing! Because I have another cat – Minka, I wanted to keep them separate for about 2 weeks to ensure that they got along- but Holly had other ideas. She figured out how to open my bedroom door (it’s a sliding door) after about a week.

After Holly got out of my bedroom, I couldn’t find her, and she had jumped from my fridge onto the cupboards which are about 9 feet off the floor- she had snuggled down into a large bowl that I had up there. I replaced the bowl with a towel and Holly still occasionally goes up there to have naps.

Holly lets me pick her up and carry her around which I love! She has sat on my lap once as well. She’s very independent but still demands lots of attention. She loves being brushed and enjoys her cat treats. She also does a lot of zooming, especially in the mornings after her breakfast. I got Holly and Minka a 6-foot-tall cat tree and they both love it and spend a lot of time in it. Holly especially loves to sit on the top perch and look out the window.

I just love little Holly! She’s been a great addition to my home. She’s happy, healthy, and very well taken care of.

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