Kronos and Athena - Happy Tail

Kronos and Athena

| January 1, 2022
Happy Tails

I’ve had Kronos and Athena for about a week, and they’ve already made so much progress!

Kronos is a sweet boy! He pretty much settled at home within a few hours, eager to explore and move around the condo, and loves all the attention, pets and treats. He has so much energy, especially at 3am to 4am. He loves to play with all the toys, especially the wand/string. He’s also been so helpful in helping me study for my Master’s program, what a good boy!

Athena is so shy, but so cute! I was getting the stink eye from her initially, but this morning she came on her own to me for pets! She is very independent but LOVES the laser pointer, she could chase it all day.

She also found her perfect spot on the cat tree to take her naps in. I can’t wait to see how she develops and what her personality is like once she is more settled.

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