| April 26, 2021
Happy Tails

Mambo (formerly Snow) is doing very well! I am very impressed on how sweet, smart, and adaptable he has been.

Mambo came to our little, furry family to add love and a lot of smiles. Akbal, Mambo’s oldest brother, is a 4-year-old red Husky-Malamute mix. I was looking for a match with Akbal, as he has been a single furry-kid for the last almost 3 years. Toronto Humane Society did an excellent job matching me with Mambo. His personality is amazing, and Akbal and him get along very well.

It took just one week for both of them to be perfect with each other. Akbal is now always aware of Mambo – waiting for him, taking care of him, and playing around the house like two crazy brothers.

Mambo is such a joy in our lives. I just love him so much. Currently he is following me everywhere around the house. He is so sweet. My sister told me, “You think you adopted Mambo, but he adopted you!”

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