| July 21, 2022
Happy Tails

We adopted Goose (formerly Girly-Girl) at the end of April 2022.

We fell in love with Goose the moment we saw her. Although Goose was hiding in her enclosure when the staff member went in to see her, Goose immediately came out when we went in and even jumped to a higher ledge to say hi. She gave us each a headbutt and asked for pets.

We were told Goose was a TLC cat as she had anxiety, so we were expecting Goose to hide under the bed for at least a week. To our surprise, as soon as we opened her carrier, she immediately explored her sanctuary room and spent her first night with us sleeping on the bed. On the second day, she was so eager to explore the rest of the apartment that she would hide next to the door trying to dash out. She was soon exploring the rest of her home and discovering her favourite places to nap.

Goose seems to have really settled in well, and we love learning more about her personality as each day passes. She loves starting her day with lots of pets followed by drinking from every tap in the apartment and spends the rest of the day soaking up the sun and napping in her favourite places. Goose also likes to hang out in one of our black TV stand’s shelves, which can make it difficult to find her at times because she blends in so well.

We can’t imagine life without our sweet Goose, and we’re so happy she chose us to be her forever home.

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