| September 3, 2022
Happy Tails

Sandy (formerly Munch) is doing fantastically well. We renamed her after Sandy Lake where she’s from. I just want to start by saying thank you to the wonderful people at Toronto Humane Sociery. Adopting Sandy was such a good experience and you’re all so caring in what you do for our companions. They’re all angels and they truly enrich people’s lives. Worthy of all the care and patience you put into them.

Sandy is constantly getting compliments on how chill she is. She is growing really fast. At three months old she is tipping the scales at 11.5 kg. The vet thinks she’ll be 80-90lbs and suspects a Pyrenees may be the father. She has some great retriever and great guardian instincts. She loves the water and is learning to swim. She is making great progress with fetch. On the guardian side, she is wonderful with children and babies, and is gentle with smaller dogs.

Sandy is in puppy classes. She was easily top student in her first class. At home we’ve learned Stay, Sit, Down, Settle, drop it, leave it, fetch, and bedtime. House training is going well but we still have a few accidents.

Overall, Sandy has been a dream. Thank you once again to each and every person working at Toronto Humane Society. You’re angel HQ.

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