How to Host a Successful Virtual Garage Sale to Support Pets in Need

| August 12, 2022

Lots of us enjoy a good garage sale. You can find cool, and sometimes unique, items for a few bucks. 

Holding a garage sale is also great. You get to clear out your overstuffed garage, closets, and storage units (to make space for new things, of course). 

You could make your garage sale even better by hosting your sale on GiveShop and All Good Market and donating your proceeds to pets in need.  

Here are some tips to make your National Garage Sale Day on August 14th a successful one. 

Tip 1: Take Clear Photos

People won’t have the luxury of eyeing your items up close like they would at an in-person sale, so quality photos are a must. Photograph items in well-lit areas. Include pictures from different angles of each item and be sure to picture any damage like scratches or dents. You want to be as transparent as possible here; you’d be unable to hide flaws at an in-person garage sale, so there’s no reason to try to do that at a virtual one. 

Tip 2: Include an Accurate Description  

It might seem like a lot of work now but including an accurate description will help reduce the number of questions you have to answer once you start your virtual garage sale. There’s no such thing as too much information in this scenario. Include the item’s name, size, condition, model, years of use, etc. 

Tip 3: Set a Reasonable Price

Pricing your virtual garage sale options should not vary too much from an in-person event, but you might want to adjust your prices slightly to accommodate shipping. 

Tip 4: Be Available to Answer Questions

When a potential buyer sends you a message, answer promptly. There’s a chance the person is also looking at several similar items and may decide to buy your items based on how timely you are. A quick reply with a detailed answer can leave the potential buyer with a positive impression and help seal the sale. 

Your Garage Sale Can Support Pets in Need

After you create an account on GiveShop or All Good Market, choose Toronto Humane Society as your supporting charity, and post your items for sale. You will receive a notification when a potential buyer wants to purchase one of your items.  

Once the sale is made, the money raised will go directly towards Toronto Humane Society’s community services and assistance programs for pets and their families in need. Plus, if you sell an item that is over $20 you will also receive a tax receipt for the full amount!