| March 12, 2021

Goanna, a shy but affectionate Plott Hound mix, came to Toronto Humane Society from Florida. She had recently had puppies, was underweight, and had a lump in the mammary glands area. She also tested positive for two parasites. The first was Coccidia which live in the walls of a dog’s intestine. The second was fish tapeworm. Medication was successful in ridding her of both these parasites 

During Goanna’s spay surgery, the lump in her mammary gland was removed and found to be benign. 

As Goanna was from a small town, our Behaviour Team put together a program to help her adapt to city life.  Our team started her off on short walks and gradually increased her time as she became accustomed to all the new sights and sounds.  

Goanna has been adopted.  

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