| April 24, 2021

Jack is a colony cat who was brought to Toronto Humane Society after he was seen to be limping on his right side. As Jack was comfortable with people, it was decided between the colony caretaker and our intake staff that Jack would be a good candidate for adoption. 

Our medical team did x-rays and saw swelling but no fractures. Bloodwork was done and it showed that Jack was slightly anemic, possibly due to poor diet, and slightly hyperglycemic, likely due to stress. 

Within three days, the lameness had disappeared, and Jack had no issues moving and jumping about his cat tree. He was sent for an orthopedic examination and there were no issues found. 

As Jack was transitioning from an outdoor cat to an indoor cat, our Behaviour Team put together a plan for Jack to ensure his adoption would be successful.  

Jack has been adopted. 

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