| February 8, 2023

Juniper was transferred to Toronto Humane Society from another animal welfare organization.

When Juniper arrived, she was under weight, had moderate dental disease, and she tested positive for heartworm.

Due to supply shortages, the standard medication used for heartworm was unavailable. This could have been disastrous however, an alternative (so-called “slow-kill”) protocol was employed. Our very own Shelter Medicine Advancement team recently wrote a review of this type of treatment, which is more effective than was previously thought. This treatment will take longer to clear her system of heartworm, but it has proven to be safe and highly effective. Juniper is getting the best care although she will have to be chill and relaxed for longer than she would like!

Once Juniper gained some weight, she had her spay and her dental surgery.

Juniper remains under our care until she is cleared for final adoption.

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