Humane Champion - Mindy


| May 10, 2023

After Mindy was transferred into our care, our medical staff discovered a hernia that required surgery. Despite a successful procedure, Mindy experienced a difficult recovery due to an infected surgical wound. The medical team promptly intervened and provided her with the necessary medication and support, resulting in gradual improvement. 

Unfortunately, Mindy faced another challenge in the form of a rare bacterial infection called Strep Canis, which our medical team promptly tackled. Mindy showed incredible perseverance throughout the process, and her abdominal infection was completely cleared in just one week. 

Now that Mindy is all better, her and her bonded best friend, Susie, are available for adoption. Your support enables us to help animals like Mindy who require specialized medical attention. We thank you endlessly for being a significant factor in each animal’s success story. 

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