Humane Champion - Silas


| May 3, 2023

Silas is a friendly dog who was brought to Toronto Humane Society from another animal welfare organization. Upon arrival, he quickly won the hearts of the staff with hugs and kisses. Our medical team performed a full examination and discovered that Silas was Heartworm positive. The team immediately began treatment, including antibiotics and restricted exercise, to clear Silas of Heartworm as soon as possible. 

Despite restricted exercise, Silas adjusted well and even took up brain game puzzles in his foster home. However, he developed a bad case of diarrhea, and our medical staff discovered that he had contracted giardia, which is a fecal parasite. Silas is taking his medication for both conditions with ease, which demonstrates his unconditional trust and tender cooperation. 

Thanks to your support, Silas is improving quickly, and once he is medically cleared, he will be available for adoption. 

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