Keep Your Pet Safe this Victoria Day Long Weekend

| May 20, 2022

May 20th 2022 — Toronto, ON – Even if you aren’t celebrating Victoria Day, there’s sure to be a handful of fireworks going off nearby. While they can be loud and pretty, fireworks are terrifying for our pets and can impact wildlife too. 

Because of this, we are encouraging people not to use fireworks this weekend because of their negative impact on so many animals. 

Fireworks can cause animals to become distressed, fearful or anxious. For our pets – who have no idea what’s going on or what to expect – fireworks cause sudden shocks of terrifying volume that can send an animal into a panic lasting hours after the show has ended. 

Some animals are at a greater risk of flight because of this and end up climbing or digging their way out of fenced-in yards, breaking from leashes or slipping their collars to escape the piercing sounds. Unfortunately, those without tags or microchips are less likely to be reunited with their families than the ladder. For information on affordable microchipping and pet licensing, please click here! 

Here are some ways to stay prepared! 

Firework safety tips for dogs and cats

  • Keep pets indoors at all times during the fireworks.  
  • Close the windows and check for escape routes. 
  • Plan your walk for before it gets dark. 
  • Create a safe space they can retreat to if they are feeling frightened that has their snacks, a cozy bed and toys.

Firework safety tips for small pets

  • Move their cages to a quieter area of the house, like the basement. 
  • For those who tend to burrow (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, and mice), you can provide them with extra bedding and materials to escape the noise. 
  • For birds, you can cover their birdcage with a blanket or towel to block out some of the noise and sudden flashes of light.

Did you know?

Beginning this evening, Niagara Falls Tourism will be launching a program which displays fireworks at 10 PM every night until October 10th 2022.  As many are already aware, this is going to have implications on domestic and wild animals.  

How this Impacts Animals and People alike

Toronto Humane Society’s Director of Behaviour, Jacklyn Ellis, comments that, “Fireworks impact wildlife as well. Some birds see the lights and booming sounds as a threat and run the risk of abandoning their habitats. Additionally, animals will be exposed to the harsh chemicals released in the air from fireworks.”

In addition to the direct impacts this will have on non-human animals and wildlife, vulnerable humans such as individuals with autism spectrum disorder or other sensory sensitivities, veterans or those who suffer from PTSD, and neonatal babies will too, be affected. 

Here’s how you can help!

Spread the word about our firework safety tips to keep our furry, feathered or fluffy companions safe this long weekend!