Simon - Valentine's Day Goodie Gram

Little Simon has his Favourite Sweater – Now All he Needs is a Goodie Gram From You!

| February 8, 2022

Simon arrived in Canada last Wednesday. He and 10 other dogs made the trip all the way from Texas as part of our Rescue Transport Program.

As you can imagine, this has been a lot for 1-year-old Simon to take in. Even with his favourite sweater hugging his tiny frame, the cold weather has been a shock.

Like many homeless animals in the southern United States, Simon and his fellow travelers found themselves in a crowded animal shelter. Overwhelmed, these shelters do not have the resources to provide care for the thousands of homeless animals like Simon. Sadly, euthanasia is often the only option.

Simon is one of the lucky ones. But his story isn’t over. Now that he is with us, he will receive industry-leading medical care to make sure he can start his new life healthy and strong.

After such a long journey, Simon could use a little welcome present to warm his heart and lift his spirits until he is adopted. The Valentine’s Day Goodie Gram would be the perfect way to do this.

Proceeds from Goodie Grams go towards programs like the one that brought Simon to us, thereby preventing euthanasia and creating more families here.

Be that special someone for an animal in need. Be the hope in their life by sending them a Valentine’s Day Goodie Gram.