Toronto Humane Society believes Black Lives Matter

Toronto Humane Society Believes Black Lives Matter

| June 6, 2020

At Toronto Humane Society, we strongly condemn all acts of racism including police brutality and racial profiling against the Black community. We recognize that this is not just an issue we see in the United States, but one that exists globally and right here in our own backyard. Systemic racism will not be fixed by one organization or one voice, it is going to take society to come together to make this change. The humane community we have been fighting for cannot exist so long as systemic racism does, and up until now we have been structurally blind to its impact and effects on and within our organization.

Actions speak louder than words.

We are committing to combating systemic racism, by first taking action within our organization. To initiate this process we have developed a plan that starts now:

1) Hire an employee/consultant who will help us create the foundation for a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at Toronto Humane Society.

2) Toronto Humane Society will launch a research project assessing our programs and services to discover who we are serving. This project will highlight gaps in our services and allow us to develop a plan of action on how we can reach the communities we are not currently supporting.

We recognize we have miles to go when it comes to improving our workplace environment but we are committed to taking action. We cannot take appropriate action on our own. We will need guidance from numerous sources. If
you would like to further educate yourself on this movement here are some of the sources we are using: the Black Lives Matter website and other resources can be found here.

At Toronto Humane Society, we believe Black Lives Matter.