Toronto Humane Society Wins Purple Ribbon Award for Interdisciplinary Team of the Year

| July 2, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Toronto Humane Society has been honoured with the prestigious 2024 Purple Ribbon Award for Interdisciplinary Team of the Year! 

This accolade is part of an annual awards program run by, a vital online resource for individuals experiencing and working to end domestic violence. This recognition celebrates the outstanding collaborative efforts of our Urgent Care Foster program, which provides temporary housing for pets belonging to people fleeing domestic violence. 

A Fair and Notable Recognition

The Purple Ribbon Awards are designed to ensure fair competition among organizations of different sizes. While Toronto Humane Society competed in the largest size category, it is noteworthy that no awards for Interdisciplinary Team of the Year were given in the smaller size categories. Out of 71 award winners, only seven were from Canada, with the majority being from the United States. This highlights the significance of this international recognition for our organization. 

Innovation and Impact: The Urgent Foster Care Program

The Urgent Care Foster program stands out for its innovative approach and significant impact. It provides a crucial service by offering temporary housing for pets without requiring a third-party referral, addressing a critical gap in support for survivors of domestic violence. This program’s success has inspired the creation of a manual to help other organizations replicate our model. Additionally, the Urgent Foster Care program incorporates social work interns, providing them with valuable experience and helping to increase the program’s capacity. 

Celebrating Our Commitment to Excellence

This award is a testament to the innovative and impactful work of Toronto Humane Society in supporting survivors of domestic violence and their pets. It celebrates our commitment to excellence and our role as a model for other organizations worldwide. The recognition reflects the hard work and dedication of our team, and it underscores the importance of our mission. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire team, led by our Director of Social Work, Dillon Dodson, for their outstanding efforts and dedication. This award belongs to everyone involved in the Urgent Foster Care program, and it highlights the extraordinary impact we are making in the lives of both humans and animals.