An Update on Canada’s Ban on Animal Cosmetic Testing

| April 14, 2022

Canada’s ban on animal cosmetic testing has been tabled, which marks a significant milestone for animal rights advocates everywhere. The proposed ban is aimed at reducing needless pain and suffering for many animals that have been continuously harmed by testing companies. This is a significant victory for everyone, as more humane testing methods will need to be introduced, and it is the responsibility of both testing companies and the Government to uphold this ban once it is put into action. 

The first attempt at banning animal cosmetic testing was made in 2015 through the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act and it was introduced in the Senate. However, the bill fell through in the House of Commons in 2019, though it sparked conversation among Canadians about the humane practice of animal cosmetic testing in the country. This conversation led people to rethink the practices promoted within their community and put a stop to needless cruelty. 

Under the new legislation, Canada will prohibit testing cosmetics on animals for commercial use, selling cosmetics that rely on animal testing to promote the product’s safety, and false labeling of the product’s relation to animal testing. There is a continued effort to eradicate false or misleading labeling related to cosmetic testing on animals, as well as selling cosmetics that rely on animal testing data to establish the product’s safety. With this new ban, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that animals will no longer suffer at the hands of cosmetic testing companies. 

This is an exciting development as Canada is now one step closer to safeguarding the animals within its borders. Although the fight for animal welfare continues, this news is more than just a small victory – it’s a cause for celebration!