Happy Tails Stella


| July 31, 2023
Happy Tails

My family and I were discussing adopting a rescue pet. So we started searching on the internet for a pup to adopt. Here we stumbled upon Toronto Humane Society. We went through a list of dogs and found a dog we were interested in. With a pet chosen and a date decided by the family to go visit, we were told that the dog we were interested in adopting had a lot of health issues, so we decided to walk around and look at other dogs and that is when we made eye contact with Stella.

She had such beautiful big brown eyes, but you could see the sadness in them, and that is when we decided that Stella is the pet we were looking for to extend our family. Since adopting her she has changed a lot and we see more of her personality shining through every day.

She loves going for walks and finding sticks to chew on. When approached by people on her daily walks, she is very patient and gentle, especially with children. We have a pet cat that is a couple of years older than Stella and they get along very well. So not only is she gentle and patient with humans, but she also displays the same behaviour with other animals.

We love her very much and it seems we were always meant to be, we were always meant to find each other. So from my family to yours, if you are thinking about adopting a dog from Toronto Humane Society, we highly recommend it because they are compassionate and empathetic towards these animals who need nothing but love.

Thank you so much Toronto Humane Society for helping us to bring our Stella to her forever home!

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