| December 12, 2022
Happy Tails

The very first thing Mabel (formerly Odie) did when she got home was to claim a spot on our couch! We expected some anxiety and trouble settling in, but she has been doing so well. We love her so much already and we’re very proud of her.

We were very worried about her being stressed/anxious when we were at work, but so far she makes one or two sad “awoos” and then tucks herself in bed to nap for most of the day until we come back. We put on Adam’s podcast for her when we’re out and I think hearing his voice helps to keep her calm.

She’s pretty energetic on her walks, even though we’ve been trying to keep them short. She seems to tire herself out and then she’s pretty calm at home. The first time we met her she barked the whole time, so we know she has a real pair of lungs for somebody so small, but she’s pretty good at using her inside voice unless she hears a dog barking outside.

Mabel gets very excited to meet new people – especially new dogs. We’re working on her leash manners and teaching her that if she can approach calmly, she gets to say “hi”. She’s pretty clever so we know she’ll get the hang of it in no time!

She loves to play with squeaky toys and is learning that fetch is a lot of fun, especially if you don’t give the toys back! She’s a snuggle monster too! A Toronto Humane Society trainer recommended we give her short cuddles and then back off and give her some space to decide if she wants the pets to continue. She almost always does and will gently swat at us as if to say “hey, I didn’t say you could stop yet!”

We love our sweet silly girl so much (and so does everyone else she meets!). Thank you so much for connecting us with our fuzzy little buddy.

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