Red Bean

Red Bean

| August 31, 2021
Happy Tails

It’s been over 2 months and I think Red Bean (formerly Red) is progressing well. We have a good routine going and we hang out.

Red Bean still is not comfortable with letting me pet her. I’ve pet her a couple of times but she’s always so weirded out by it – but  it’s not really a priority for us. She comes up to me all the time to sniff, I can touch her with the wand toy and recently, she’s been sniffing treats from my hands – she even pawed at my hand!

I let Red Bean take the lead on what she feels comfortable with. Everyday we interact and play for 1-3 hours. She gets braver everyday, sometimes she gets scared and runs away, but she’ll always come back and try again. Playing really helps her open up, so we use play and toys to help socialize her. Sometimes she is having so much fun she forgets to be scared.

Red Bean likes to stare out the window, scratch her cat tree, sleep, drink from her fountain, and play with her toys. Whenever I buy her a new toy, she sits with her tail around her paws and will watch me show her how to play before she tries it herself. One of her favourite toys is a stuffed rat that squeaks.

Besides the fearful and under socialization challenges (which we both work on daily), Red Bean is honestly the best cat ever. She never bites or scratches, and only hissed the first few days. She’s well behaved and intelligent. She only scratches her cat tree and only plays with her own things.  I believe she is as happy as she can be. She’s stimulated and has enough to keep her entertained. I don’t think she’ll run away or anything like that. I promise that Red Bean is getting the best love and care I can provide.

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