separation anxiety

Helping Your Pet Cope with Going “Back to Normal”

| September 10, 2021
Your pet has become accustomed to having the family at home for much of the day. Always someone to talk to, play with, and cuddle next to. Always a friendly voice, always a willing walker. But after months of working and studying from home, many families are preparing for a safe return to “normal”.
How will your animal cope with this sudden change?
Some animals may struggle with separation anxiety (a diagnosable condition that has to be determined by a veterinarian). From excessive barking in the apartment to destructive behaviour – it can be overwhelming for both the animal and the owner.

Get proactive with expert trainers

The best thing you as a pet owner can do is to start now. Our separation anxiety training package will provide you and your pet with the tools you’ll need to help your pet cope with this common fear.
Our package includes a separation anxiety training consultation, along with one month of four consecutive weekly training support sessions. Not sure if your animal has “separation anxiety”? One of our certified trainers will help you during our pre-consultation to ensure that our separation anxiety package is best for you and your pet.

Consider giving your dog a daily break with a dog walker

Introducing structure and predictability in a dog’s day can go a long way toward alleviating anxiety and is often part of the management solution for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. Toronto Humane Society offers expert dog walking services by highly trained staff in select neighbourhoods in our area.
What are you waiting for? Stay on top of your pet’s anxiety by preparing them for the new routine and providing them with the coping skills they’ll need.  Register today!