Humane Champion - Genesis


| May 24, 2023

Genesis came to Toronto Humane Society from another animal rescue organization and described him as a playful pup who loves to run all over (and is adept at climbing link fences!).

This handsome boy was in good health except for some discharge from his ears. Swabs were taken and sent off for testing. When the results came back it showed that Genesis had an ear infection, so he was started on antibiotics, in the form of ear drops.

As some of the dogs in his cohort were coughing, Genesis was monitored for kennel cough. Kennel cough is a highly contagious respiratory disease that usually resolves on its own.  Sometimes treatments such as antibiotics, cough suppressants, and anti-inflammatory medications are used to help the dog get and feel better. Thankfully, Genesis didn’t show any signs and was made available for adoption shortly after arriving.

Thank you for sponsoring Genesis’s kennel. We are thrilled to share that he has found his forever home, near a very large park where we’re sure he’ll have wonderful adventures!

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