A successful story from our Humane Champion program

Mr. Baggins

| December 13, 2023

Mr. Baggins’ owner noticed he was having trouble urinating and took him to the veterinarian. It was found that Mr. Baggins had two stones blocking his urethra and an unknown number of stones in his bladder. The options put forward by the vet were a cystotomy operation, which was estimated to cost $7,000 on top of the $2,000 his owner had just paid for treatment, or euthanasia.

Unfortunately, his owner could not afford the medical costs and did not have an affordable care option. Rather than euthanize Mr. Baggins, they brought him to Toronto Humane Society as a medical surrender. This is a heartbreaking decision, but one made from love and a desire to do what was best for Mr. Baggins.

Our veterinary team performed the cystotomy operation and monitored Mr. Baggins closely while he recovered. It’s very likely, given his age and the severity of the blockage, that dealing with bladder stones will be a recurring issue.  Fortunately, he has been adopted by a family that is prepared to take on this big commitment.

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