Keep Your Pet Safe and Calm During Firework Season

| June 30, 2022

For many people, nothing beats lounging in the backyard with family and friends while watching the evening sky light up with fireworks. But to our fur friends and family members, the loud firework display is not fun at all. To them, the sound of explosions coming from above is a sign of danger and causes many to feel anxious.  

Here are some tips on how you can keep your pets feeling safe and happy during firework season. 

For Dogs and Cats

  • Always keep your pets indoors during the firework show 
  • Close the windows and check for escape routes 
  • Plan your walk for before it gets dark 
  • Create a safe space they can retreat to if they are feeling frightened that has their snacks, a cozy bed, and toys
  • Turn on your radio, stereo, TV or computer loud enough to dampen the noise
  • Resist the urge to bring your pet with you to watch a fireworks display. Pets are far more sensitive to the sounds and smells produced by fireworks and would be much happier having a quiet night in 

For small pets

  • Move their cages to a quieter area of the house, like the basement 
  • For those who tend to burrow (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, and mice), you can provide them with extra bedding and materials to escape the noise 
  • Cover your bird’s cage with a blanket or towel to block out some of the noise and sudden flashes of light 

Microchip your pet

Some pets become so scared from the loud noises that they will puh through fences, hop over barriers, and run away even though they haven’t done so in the past. Having an ID tag on your pet with your updated contact information, or better yet, microchipping your pet, will help you to reunite with your pet if they escape. 

Toronto Humane Society’s Public Veterinary Service offers pet microchipping. Book your microchipping appointment here. 

We’re able to offer accessible veterinary care options, like pet microchipping, thanks to a grant from PetSmart Charities of Canada.