Our Hearts Sank When We Met Natsu

| October 21, 2022

We have some heartbreaking news to share about Natsu’s journey.

After ten long months of routine care from our experts and outside specialists, Natsu’s health was deteriorating, and there was no end in sight. Everything that could be done for him was done.  In the late afternoon of October 21st, we made the difficult decision to end Natsu’s pain by performing humane euthanasia. Read more about Natsu’s update here.

No one will forget the day little Natsu, a 3-year-old French Bulldog, passed through our doors.
This small, sweet little boy was in desperate need of help. He was struggling to breathe, to move, and his little body was covered with open wounds. He looked like he had been involved in a terrible accident. But Natsu’s wounds were not from any accident.
They were from a severe skin allergy that had progressed to an antibiotic-resistant skin infection. 

Treating Natsu would not be easy. His body is resistant to antibiotics, so he needed special treatment. The plan involved managing the skin allergy with medications while controlling his skin infection through more topical treatments, rather than systemic antibiotics.
After weeks of careful treatment, Natsu’s condition began to improve. The next step in our plan was to get Natsu out of the shelter and into a foster home where he would continue his routine treatment. Luckily, we found the perfect home where Natsu continues to improve every day. 

But his recovery is far from over.
If Natsu is going to make a full recovery, he needs ongoing treatment. This includes antiseptic shampoo twice a week, daily topical therapy for his skin wounds, allergy medications, and pain medications. The cost of this ongoing treatment will continue to add up over time. 

When Natsu arrived in our care, we all thought the worst. How could such a small animal in such a condition get through this? But even as he sat there covered in open wounds and barely able to move, his tail never stopped wagging.
Natsu has never given up and neither will we. Your gift today will help Natsu, and other animals like him, receive the care they need so that they can live a happy life. 

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