Adopt One of our Longest Stay Pets Today!

| April 29, 2022

In the world of animal sheltering, rescue, and adoption, there is no greater moment than when a long-stay pet goes home. An overwhelming feeling of joy floods into the hearts of staff, volunteers, and foster parents because a pet they love, a pet they have served as temporary guardians and caretakers for, has finally found their forever home.  

Adopting a long-stay pet means love, safety, and a family to call their home – it means everything to them.  

For National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, on April 30th, 2022, we’re highlighting 8 of our long-stay pets that have been waiting for their forever home for over 100 days. By giving one of them a home to call their own, you’re not just saving a life, you’re profoundly changing one. 

Bob Dylan

Bob would thrive in a calm environment with someone who has time to find creative ways to enrich his life, day-to-day. Whether it’s playing with him, training, providing an enriching environment and mental stimulation or simply giving him space when he wants alone time, Bob is looking for that very special person who will be able to meet his needs and soak up the wonders of Bob Dylan all at once.   


Goldie loves a long stroll or good run in the park with lots of toys, but also enjoys the more relaxed side of life – sitting alongside her buds and soaking up all the sun. She’s working on learning that strangers and other dogs aren’t as scary as they may seem. She’ll need a dedicated family that’ll help continue her training.  


Gumaro is full of life and love. He’s got such a fun personality. He’ll never say no to an adventure and will never leave your side once he gets to know you. He just needs to meet his perfect match that’ll help translate his amazing manners from inside of his home to outside. In return, you’ll receive endless snuggles, adorable puppy eye blinks, and opportunities to rub his belly. 


Little’s ideal home would be one with lots of spaces to explore, good nap spots, and a family that is willing to continue working with Little to improve her confidence.  There is nothing more rewarding than winning over the trust of a shy cat and making them your forever friend! 

Midnight and Caramelo

An absolutely adorable pair of bunnies with with many commonalities, but with two unique personalities. Midnight is the silly but calm type, and Caramelo is the mysterious one. They are fun, playful, and will no doubt have you laughing out loud with their poofy-haired antics. 


This senior guy still loves wand toys and has found a new affinity for strings! Constant enrichment like playing, providing puzzle feeders, and watching cat TV will help keep his mind stimulated. He knows how to “sit”, “touch”, “paw” and go to “place” when using a clicker. 


Salem loves his routine of relaxing and cuddling up in a warm sunbathing spot and keeping his family company while they work from home. He’s a fairly low energy dude, but when he gets short bursts of energy he plays like a kitten. He has diabetes and needs a family that is comfortable with administering insulin twice a day. 


Zephyr enjoys interactive playtime with wand toys, balls, a string – pretty much anything he can bat around. He enjoys being gently brushed with a glove brush, being carried to bed, watching cat TV, and stretching out on his cushions in the sun to expose his orange undercoat belly. Because he is FelV+, he can only share his space with other FelV+ cats. 

If you, or anyone you know, would like to change the life of our long-stay pets, please visit us here to start your journey together.