Happy Tails - Phil


| August 24, 2023
Happy Tails

Phil is doing incredibly well in his new home. He’s cuddly, trusting, and seems comfortable. He likes to spend time alone during the day (though he’s always very open to being pet and will meow at us if he needs attention), and then at night, he comes out to hang with us in the living room on his cat tree or on the windowsill. He’s slowly coming around to the idea of play; he likes his laser pointer and anything that jingles!

We try to get him moving for a few minutes every day to keep him on track to becoming healthy. He’s surprisingly nimble for such a big guy and has no problem getting everywhere he wants to be.

We were told that Phil had a previous problem with out-of-box urination, but he has had zero problems since coming home with us. He was acquainted with both of his litter boxes on the first night and continues to use them without any prompting. He seems to be getting enough water as well, likely thanks to his urinary diet! Phil feels comfortable waking us up in the morning for food and finally seems settled enough to eat it all when it’s given to him.

Most importantly to us, our gentle Phil seems happy, safe, and at home.

Thank you to everyone at Toronto Humane Society for making it possible for Phil to become part of our family!

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