Arthur - Happy Tails


| November 4, 2021
Happy Tails

We’ve had Arthur (formerly Tapi) for five weeks now, and in that time he has truly blossomed. He will let us pick him up for a short snuggle, and regularly seeks out belly rubs and play time with us on the floor. He is spending very little time hiding in the cat tower, apart from his afternoon naps which he takes in there.

One of the concerns we were given is to put attention to his low appetite, and how little he might eat. We are happy to report that he eats all of his half cup of kibble throughout the day, and 1/3 can of wet food twice a day. Plus, a small handful of treats!

Tonight I was even able to trim his nails. He didn’t fuss or seem nervous at all and responded quite well to it.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for connecting us with this amazing little guy. He is sweet, playful, and rather charming, and has really found himself here with us.

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