Humane Champion - Kodak


| April 12, 2023

Kodak and his four siblings were born at Toronto Humane Society shortly after their mother arrived into our care. Two days later, our foster team found the perfect foster home for mama, so she could have the comfort of a home to raise her pups.

Once the pups were four weeks old, they had their very first medical examinations. Kodak weighed in at 3.8 kilograms which is over 8 pounds! This healthy, growing puppy was well-behaved and, other than going through some basic treatments for roundworm and hookworm, he was doing very well.

A few weeks later, the foster parents noted that Kodak had a lump, the size of a grape, growing on his lower belly. He was sleeping a lot and was straining to defecate; he didn’t want to play with his siblings, and he was eating very little. Our medical team brought him in to be seen that same day. This lump was drained and sent off for testing – Kodak slept through most of the examination. Once the fluid was removed, it was noted that Kodak seemed more relaxed and so he was sent home with antibiotics and special instructions for his foster parents on how to care for and monitor the area where the lump had been. Thankfully, the fluid tests came back without any concerns.

The foster parents report that Kodak is doing much better! He is eating and playing and doing all the normal puppy things.

Thanks to your sponsorship, Kodak and his siblings will continue to get the best care. Once they are old enough, they will be made available for adoption.

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