Humane Champion Satwa


| June 14, 2023

When Satwa was transferred into our care from Northern Ontario, she was hesitant around people. We knew we needed to take a different approach to earn her trust, so we decided to let her come to us on her own terms. Slowly but surely, Satwa began to open up to us, and we were able to provide her with a full medical examination. 

Satwa tested positive for heartworm, hookworm, and lyme disease. She was immediately given treatment to address all her conditions. While she’s on limited exercise due to the heartworm treatment process, our training team has been working to strengthen her confidence around people and other dogs. She’s been enjoying group walks and is happier when she has visitors at her kennel.  

Satwa received the medical and behaviour care that she needed so that she can live a happy and healthy life. She is currently on hold for adoption, and once she is medically cleared, she can move onto the next chapter of her life with her forever family. 

Thank you for being there for Satwa during her journey to recovery.

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