| November 8, 2023

Viktor is a lion in the body of a tiny kitten.  He is strong and brave, but his roar comes out as a little squeak (he is still a baby after all).  Viktor was found abandoned in the garbage at just three weeks old and brought to us for help.  Nursing and immature kittens require around the clock care, so as soon as our veterinary team cleared him medically, Viktor was taken to a foster home.   

Viktor needed to be fed formula every four hours and gruel three time a day.  At first, he had a hard time eating on his own and needed to be hand fed with a syringe.  Slowly, he began to eat more and more on his own and to gain weight. 

At seven weeks old, weighing just over 700 grams, Viktor was brought back to Toronto Humane Society for a check-up and to be neutered.  He has come so far in only a few short weeks – something that would have been impossible without our foster team and donor support.  We are happy to share that Viktor has been adopted and is now at home with a family that loves him. 

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