Steve and Neda - Love like no other

Love at First Sight

| February 18, 2022

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Neda didn’t know what to expect when she agreed to foster a 1-year-old shepherd named Steve 2, years ago. 

Steve had some trust issues around certain people and would sometimes react when he felt threatened. Making friends was hard as he continued to build up walls around him. He needed someone special to show him the world was not such a scary place.  

Everyone was expecting a slow and steady introduction between Neda and Steve. 

Steve had other plans. 

The moment Steve laid his eyes on Neda, he knew he had found his forever human. He was so sweet and gentle around her. All the walls he had built up to protect himself fell down. He wanted Neda in his life and began showing her the things he cared most for, including his favourite tennis ball.  

“He had these big expressive eyes that seemed to be talking to me,” said Neda. “He would look me straight in the eyes like he trusted me. And when I was about to leave, he tried to jump in my car. I knew I was taking him home right then.” 

And so began Neda and Steve’s love story

Still, fostering Steve was no easy task. He struggled with strangers in the neighbourhood and lacked confidence around other dogs. But Neda’s support, along with weekly video calls with Toronto Humane Society, helped Steve adjust. It wasn’t long until he was making friends with his neighbours and other dogs.  

With Steve now more open to the world, Neda began looking for adopters. She set up an Instagram account to share pictures and videos of Steve frolicking through the home, wiggling his butt, giving kisses, and getting belly rubs.  

But as she worked on promoting Steve, she only fell more in love with him. Neda knew, deep down, that this boy was not going anywhere. As the weeks went by, the love between Neda and Steve grew to the point where giving him up became unthinkable.  

To mark Steve’s official adoption, the two embarked on a cross-country road trip from Toronto to Calgary. Steve loved every moment of the journey. His favourite part of the journey was the many drive-throughs along the way. Each one had a new human on the other side of the window, each one with a new treat.  

With his head resting between the two front seats, nestled against Neda’s arm, the world finally made sense to Steve. It didn’t matter where he was—from the walls of trees in Northern Ontario to the plains of Manitoba—he knew he was safe. With Neda in his life, he was happy.  

“Steve is my best friend,” said Neda. “He brings a smile to my face every chance he gets. Whether it’s first-thing in the morning as he rests his chin on my chest, or when he starts shaking his booty when it’s time for a walk. I couldn’t imagine life without him.” 

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