Meet Shellers: A Special Pup Looking for a Special Home

| June 7, 2024

Shellers first arrived at Toronto Humane Society with her five siblings, and despite facing significant medical challenges, she has shown incredible spirit and determination. 

When Shellers first came to us, we noticed an unusual swelling on the side of her head during her intake exam. Further tests revealed that she had hydrocephalus, a condition caused by a buildup of fluid in the brain’s cavities. This disorder can lead to various neurological symptoms, but fortunately, Shellers’ symptoms have remained mild. 

Understanding Hydrocephalus and Carpal Laxity

Hydrocephalus, which Shellers was likely born with, is more common in certain breeds, including terrier mixes. In Shellers’ case, it has caused a left-sided head tilt, left-sided skull enlargement, intermittent tremors, circling, and an absent menace response (the reflex to blink when something approaches the eyes). Despite these neurological signs, Shellers plays, eats, and acts like a typical, happy puppy. 

Additionally, Shellers exhibits signs of carpal laxity, a condition in young puppies where the wrist joints have more movement than normal, leading to a “bowed” leg appearance. This condition is typically not painful and often resolves itself over time with supportive care, such as rehabilitation activities, regular exercise, and a nutritious diet. 

Shellers as a younger puppy

Shellers, The Playful Pup

Shellers has been thriving in a loving foster home where her condition is closely monitored. With the right care and attention, Shellers continues to experience a good quality of life and remains a playful, affectionate puppy. 

This delightful pup’s idea of a perfect day involves bouncing around with her foster mom and their resident dog, Susan, and engaging in rousing games of tug-of-war. With her irresistibly cute demeanor, Shellers eagerly dives into the toy box to retrieve her favourite playthings! Making the toys squeak may be a task yet mastered, but she’s getting there. 

While Shellers may not be the biggest fan of fetch, she certainly makes up for it with her boundless energy and lightning-fast zoomies that leave everyone in awe. Sociable and friendly, she gets along well with both furry pals and humans, although she’s been a bit shy lately and could benefit from a patient and loving environment to help her regain confidence. 

When it comes to walks, Shellers is a true gem on a leash, displaying impeccable leash manners. She may tug a bit here and there (as puppies do), but overall, she’s a joy to accompany on outdoor adventures. And here’s a delightful quirk: Shellers finds comfort in wearing sweaters, snuggling up in them before bedtime like a true cozy connoisseur! 

As for crate training, Shellers is making strides, although she appreciates being settled and relaxed before bedtime. With a little couch snuggle time and her favourite sleeping otter by her side, she’s ready to drift off into dreamland. Her toilet training is also progressing steadily, though she may need a bit more time and patience, especially during rainy weather.  

Looking for a Special Home

Despite her medical challenges, Shellers is ready for her next adventure: finding her forever home. She needs a special person who can provide the love, care, and attention she deserves. Shellers’ resilience and joy make her a wonderful companion, and we are hopeful she will continue to thrive in a permanent home. 

Can you be that special person for Shellers? If you have the heart and home to welcome this loving and playful puppy, please visit us at 11 River Street to start the adoption process.  

Shellers is waiting for someone who can look beyond her medical needs and see the affectionate, joyful dog she truly is. Together, let’s give Shellers the happy ending she deserves! 

If you have questions about caring Shellers, please email