Tons of blankets, sheets and puppies

Tons of Blankets, Sheets and Puppies

| July 4, 2021

While Toronto Humane Society’s Transfer Team was busy safely bringing in 7 puppies and 8 dogs from Ontario’s Northern Communities, our community was busy sorting, packing, and transporting donations to our shelter for our new arrivals.

Tons of blankets, sheets and puppies

This is what our front office looked like once the weekend was over – full of blanket, sheet, and towel donations and tokens of love. We received so many fabric donations that we were able to pack a few skids to save for later. The pets in our care, present and future, will surely feel the love of our community as they cozy up in handmade quilts, fluffy comforters, super soft sheets, and more.

We recognize the significance of our community’s giving and do not take it for granted. On behalf of our staff and pets in our care, thank you.

Here are some of the sweet faces that’ll be using some of your donations.

These beautiful, happy, high energy pups will be available for adoption at Toronto Humane Society – but not just yet. They need to grow big enough to have their spay and neuter surgeries and get any required medical attention before becoming available for adoption. In the meantime, they will be in foster care, learning, playing, and growing.
If you’d like to donate to help care for these puppies, we are currently accepting food (wet or dry, any brand), toys, baby scales to help with weight management, and jars of cheese whiz and chicken broth (we use these as treats during training) donations. Donations can be dropped off at our shelter, located at 11 River Street, any day between 10am and 6pm. You can also make a monetary donation here.