Kola had a Bad Bone Infection and Needed Her Leg to be Amputated 

| August 4, 2023

Last month, we told you about a dog named Wilbur. Found with a blind and severely swollen eye, he needed immediate care. He was treated, the underlying issue was diagnosed, and we set out to ensure his long-term health and happiness.   

Kola is another animal who arrived in our care frightened, fatigued, and in obvious pain. And like Wilbur, she suffered from underlying issues that, if left undiagnosed and untreated, would result in more serious challenges down the road.   

After consulting with an orthopedic surgeon, we discovered that Kola had a bone infection, one that was spreading through her leg. Without surgery, it would eventually spread from her bone into the bloodstream and become a body-wide infection.  

Thanks to our community's support, Kola was given the life-saving care she needed.

Kola’s leg was amputated to stop the spread and post-surgical care was provided so she would remain infection free for the rest of her life. Kola’s life has been dramatically improved thanks to our community’s support.   

But there are thousands of others like Kola and Wilbur, thousands who will one day need that extra support to live a happy and healthy life. 

Your donation today could help the next animal that needs lifesaving medical attention and long-term care.